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Best India Cricket Betting Criteria

The Best Cricket Betting Sites For Fans in India  

If you're here reading this, you want to know what is the best cricket betting site for Indians.  I've reviewed dozens of international cricket betting services for my various betting review sites.  There are so many factors that go into selecting the best cricket betting service for your needs.  First, they need to accept registered customers from India.  After that, does the site cover cricket with lots of betting markets, or ways to bet.  Can you bet live and in-play?  Is the company reliable & well-established?  Are they regulated by a trusted governing body?  Examining these factors helps to ensure you will get the best possible online wagering experience for your favourite sport, while giving you peace of mind that your deposits are safe and your withdrawals assured.  

The other main factor for any Indian sports bettor is whether or not the cricket betting site provides its service in your native currency - the Indian Rupee or INR.  You work hard for your money and you want to keep it for your enjoyment.  Do you want to lose 3% to 5% of the value of your deposit to currency exchange fees?  Do you want to lose the same 3% to 5% when you withdraw your winnings?  What if the value of the Rupee fluctuates in the wrong direction while in your betting account against the exchanged currency like the Euro or Pound?  In just a few months you could lose even more due to changes in currency value.

When you select a cricket betting partner that accepts the Indian Rupee for direct INR betting, you will be able to avoid these potential losses & fees.  The good news is that there are several reputable online sportsbooks that offer INR accounts to support their top-level Indian Rupee cricket betting as they have a focus on providing odds for cricket and in particular, on international and IPLT20 betting.

Understanding Betting in India

Gambling in India is a controversial subject.  The federal government has determined that according to a schedule of the Indian Constitution, individual States have the authority to make laws with respect to gambling and betting. Each state is responsible to tax gambling and sports betting events or activities.

While the laws of each state are different with regard to which types of betting or gambling are allowed, the general thought is that the laws only pertain to gambling activities that occur physically in public such as a legal race course or illegal betting parlours and clubs. It is generally thought that these laws have no authority with regard to what Indians decide to do within the privacy of their own home and any such laws are almost impossible to enforce. offers cricket betting site reviews, where I outline and compare available deposit methods available to fund your account, as well as a breakdown of high stakes cricket betting with each of the sites we identify as the best for Indians.

Each of the top India betting sites that we list allow for betting from your mobile phone through your mobile browser and they also allow you to bet live in play while the match is still ongoing.

Getting the highest-paying cricket betting odds for any event

In general, the odds offered by highly reputable sports betting sites can vary in value by 3% to 10% for single event bets.  If you like to bet in combination, these differences in values can obviously become greater.  Should you wish to compare odds to ensure to get maximum potential returns, you might want to try an odds comparison site like where you can see which online bookmaker will pay out the most for your picks.  OddsJet even has a site version specifically for India.  By playing around on OddsJet, you can see how it likely makes sense to have betting accounts with a few companies in order to take advantage of the best available market value for your opinions on the world of cricket.

Funding a cricket betting account from India

Funding your cricket betting account is quite simple and fast with a credit or debit card.  There are other secure online funding methods, but for security reasons, it may take a little time.  Skrill is an online banking method accepted by all of our Indian-friendly cricket betting sites.  Once you sign up for an account, Skrill India will verify your address with a letter including a confirmation number.  

This is for your own security as well as to prevent illegal money-laundering activity. Skrill is the most cost effective option as the fees to send money never exceed 1%  up to a maximum of Rs. 842.  Skrill is also the only major e-wallet provider to offer balances in the Indian Rupee.  Skrill is a great banking solution when you want to link up with your Indian Rupee betting account.

Other similar services charge up to 5% to upload your money.  With Skrill India you can upload funds using your Indian Credit Card or Debit Card.  EcoPayz is another Indian Rupee-friendly banking method that is accepted by many betting sites.

Are you a cricket betting fan, but you’re an ex-pat? Find out where you can safely bet on cricket from the UAE, Qatar, Kuwait & Saudi.

Gulf nations have gone all-in on cricket. The UAE has even stared their own top-level league with six clubs. It’s called the “International League”, which plays T20 cricket as run by the Emirates Cricket Board.  The same Gulf region is home to many Indian and south Asian immigrants that moved for work.  Wagering on any sports or cricket match from physical locations is not a good idea in these nations as outward gambling activities are not allowed.  However, several top online betting brands do serve these markets and provide excellent cricket event coverage. Find the best ones for your nation of interest as not all brands serve all of these Middle East countries.

Kuwait betting sites    Qatar betting sites

Saudi betting sites      UAE betting sites



bet365 was established in the year 2000 and offers an unparalleled cricket betting experience. They cover International and club cricket with a wealth of available betting markets and offer their class-leading interfaces on all device platforms. bet365’s innovative tools give bettors heightened control of their stake money.  Read the full cricket review here

How to bet on cricket: know your cricket betting markets

You know you want to bet on the match result.  You may even know you can bet on the outright winner for the team you think will lift the trophy.  However you may not know about all the different things that you can bet on that happen within a match.  Top cricket betting sites like those we list will offer you anywhere from 20 to 70 different betting markets (ways to bet) on the top international and club cricket matches.  Here are just a few ways:

You can bet on which team will win the toss.  Which team will have the highest opening partnership.  Who will be the top team batsman.  What will be the first wicket method.  You can bet the Over/Under on many markets as related to the number of runs scored in a given over, or in the match itself, or the number of match sixes that will be hit, or how many sixes or fours will be hit by a particular batsman.  You can wager on which player will be the official man of the match.  You may also be able to bet on a handicapped match result where one team, the favourite must overcome an initial ‘handicap’ in runs and wickets in order to achieve a successful wager.  The addition of a handicap means that the odds will pay much higher than a simple match win.  Visit each site to see all the different ways you can enjoy betting on cricket.   

Betway is big on cricket and India. With an array of cricket betting markets and several India-friendly banking methods, Betway is a great choice. They currently serve over 2 million account holders world-wide and are the lead sponsor of a London-based football club.  Read the full cricket review here.  



Unibet is one of the biggest names in sports betting serving over 16 million customers. Headquartered in Sweden and publicly traded on the OMX Nordic stock exchange, they have recently added INR accounts to complement their massive cricket betting coverage so that Indian customers can avoid exchange fees.  Read the full cricket review here.