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The most reputable cricket betting sites with Indian Rupee betting accounts

Indian Rupee Cricket Betting Sites

The most important aspect in choosing your sports betting partner is the currency they will accept.  The problem for Indians is that most betting sites focus on the Euro, Pound and Dollar.  Some have extended their currencies to certain East-Asian currencies, but few offer cricket betting in Rupees. The good news is that we've reviewed over a dozen international sports betting services and two of the most reputable brands offer both direct deposits and account balances in Indian Rupees (INR), so that you can avoid all the problems that come with currency exchange.

Let's think about this for a moment.  You work very hard for your money.  Do you want to lose 3% to 5% of the value of your deposit stake to currency exchange fees?  Do you want to lose the same 3% to 5% of value when you withdraw your winnings?  What if the value of the Rupee fluctuates in the wrong direction while in your betting account against the exchanged currency like the Euro, Pound or Dollar?  You'll lose even more of your hard-earned money.  When you select a sports betting partner that accepts the INR directly and allows INR account balances and wagers, you will be able to avoid all of these losses and fees.  We go through a full example below of how much money you could realistically be losing by choosing a sports betting partner that does not accept betting in Rupees.

All of the sites that we list allow Indian Rupee cricket betting.  It just does not make any financial sense to bet with cricket betting sites that force Indians to exchange their money.  Luckily, there are now several sites that now cater to the needs of Indian cricket fans in this way so that you have the ability to save money in avoiding currency exchange fees.  

Here's an example of realistic potential losses you could incur betting through a cricket betting site that requires currency exchange:

Let's say you want to deposit 5,000 Indian Rupees and you have to exchange to the British pound.  The bank, credit card or financial service provider will take from 3% to 5% of this amount as their fee.  You won't see the charge as it is built into the currency exchange transaction.  Let' use the 5% fee for this example.  The new actual value of your Indian Rupee deposit has been reduced down to 4,750 Indian Rupees.

If you break even on your wagers for a period of time and you wish to withdraw your funds and the value of the Pound has decreased against the Indian Rupee, your losses could be even more significant.  In just a few months there could be a 5% change in value between the currencies.  A further 5% loss brings the value of your deposit down from 4,750 to 4,512.5 INR.

Let's not forget that when you withdraw your funds, you'll need to exchange currency back to Indian Rupees, losing another 5% as a currency exchange fee.  That brings your initial 5,000 Indian Rupee deposit down to about Rs. 4,286.

That's nearly over 700 Indian Rupees lost to fees and currency fluctuations that you may not get to use for the intended purpose of betting on the Indian Premier League or other top cricket matches.

When you select any of these sites as your Indian Rupee cricket betting partner, you keep more of your money for your own enjoyment because they accept your INR deposit directly into an Indian Rupee account and - no currency exchange is required.

How to fund an Indian Rupee Betting Account

Funding your cricket betting account is simplest with your credit or debit card.  There are other secure online deposit methods, but for security reasons, it may take a little time.  

Skrill for example is an online banking method accepted by most of our Indian-friendly cricket betting sites.  Once you sign up for an account, Skrill India will verify your address with a letter including a confirmation number.

This is for your own security as well as to prevent illegal money-laundering activity. Skrill is the most cost effective option as the fees to send money never exceed 1%  up to a maximum of Rs. 842.  Other similar services charge up to 5% to upload your money.  With Skrill India you can upload funds using your Indian Credit Card or Debit Card.

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